Rhea 750 Open

Day trip and travel cruiser

A traditional boat for day trips and cruising in full comfort and safety. The forward deck is ideal for sunbathing and the large U-shaped cockpit can accommodate numerous crew.With its deep cockpit, sturdiness and meticulous finishes, the RHEA 750 Open will be able to adapt to your navigation plan in the utmost safety.

A large stainless steel windshield with glass glazing protects the cockpit effectively. The pilot and co-pilot teak and stainless steel seats are adjustable. A large console allows all the navigation equipment to be installed.



Dužina 7.50 m
Širina 2.80 m
Težina (prazan) 2800 kg
Gaz 0.70 m
Istisnina 2.40 m
Spremnik vode 55 l
Spremnik goriva 220 l


Motori single diesel engine
Gorivo dizel
Prijenos propela
HP 260 HP


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