Rhea 35 OPEN

Day trip and travel cruiser

The concept of the Rhéa 35 Open leaves nothing to chance: elegance, a classic style, the choice of materials and propulsion give this boat its strong, unique character.

Clearly positioned up-market at over 10 metres and with a teak deck throughout, this large Open is inspired by classic lines. Its flared bow, tumblehome stern and planing hull make for outstanding performance. The most powerful version of this model can exceed a speed of 42 knots.



Dužina 9.80 m
Širina 3.15 m
Težina (prazan) 3600 kg
Gaz 0.45 m
Istisnina 2.50 m
Spremnik vode 95 l
Spremnik goriva 480 l


Motori single/twin engaged single
Gorivo dizel
Prijenos propeller shaft
HP 370 HP / 2 x 260 HP


Rhea Marine Modeli