Rhea 28 Timonier

Fishing cruiser

Thanks to its superb levels of stability offering excellent passage even in choppy seas, the RHEA 28 Timonier adapts perfectly to your navigation course in total comfort and safety. Key features include the deep cockpit, walkaround deck layout, and solid and meticulous finishes. Its hull, designed by naval architects Joubert-Nivelt, offers excellent passage in choppy seas, outstanding courseholding and superb stability. It can reach a maximum speed of 25 knots.

Thanks to its 3 metre wide hull, the RHEA 28 offers a high degree of comfort and a wide range of equipment for its size.



Dužina 8.50 m
Širina 3 m
Težina (prazan) 3000 kg
Gaz 0.80 m
Spremnik vode 100 l
Spremnik goriva 300 l


Motori unutrašnji turbo dizel
Gorivo dizel
Prijenos propeller shaft
HP 260HP


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